Supreme Court Could Remove Trump From Ballot In 2024

Supreme Court

The conservative supermajority court’s justices are skeptical of the attempt to bar Republican front-runner Donald Trump from participating in a state primary because of allegations that he staged an uprising in an attempt to hold onto power following his defeat by Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

The U.S. Supreme Court is hearing a historic case that has the potential to completely alter the outcome of the presidential election.

The disagreement stems from Colorado, where Trump was disqualified from the GOP primary ballot by the state Supreme Court. However, the decision made by the US Supreme Court may affect Trump’s political future on a national level.

At the beginning of a hearing that was scheduled to continue all morning, Trump’s attorney Jonathan Mitchell told the court that the Colorado judgment was incorrect and ought to be overturned for some separate reasons.

Tens of millions of Americans’ votes may be lost if the Supreme Court upheld that decision, according to Mitchell.

What did Trump Violate According To The Supreme Court?

It is referred to as Section 3 and is short. It states that no person who has previously taken an oath to support the United States Constitution as a member of Congress, an officer of the United States, a member of a State legislature, an executive or judicial officer of any State, or a representative in Congress, legislature, or electorate, may hold any of these positions, nor be a senator, representative, or elector of the President and Vice President, or hold any other civil or military office under the United States or any State.

However, a two-thirds majority in each House vote is required for Congress to remove such a restriction.

Jason Murray, who filed a lawsuit to prevent Trump from being on the Colorado ballot, was interrogated by the judges on behalf of four Republican and two independent voters.

According to conservative Chief Justice John Roberts, other states will move forward with their disqualification procedures for Democratic or Republican candidates if the Colorado ruling is maintained.

Roberts predicted that a small number of states would decide the presidential election. That was an intimidating outcome.

prudent Justice Samuel Alito stated that there would be serious repercussions from what the Colorado Supreme Court decided, despite what some individuals had asserted. Justice said this issue might be resolved for many other states, if not all of them, by the Colorado Supreme Court’s ruling.

However, an election dispute involving Trump could be considerably more serious given the intense partisanship that has existed since the ugly 2000 election aftermath, particularly if any of the court’s decisions ultimately turn against Trump.

The former president doesn’t adhere to the same moral standards as Gore, who after the Bush v. Gore decision calmly swallowed his resentment and accepted his loss in the election. The former president has previously responded angrily to the top court’s negative decisions against him.

Supreme Court Could Remove Trump From Ballot In 2024
In An Attempt To Determine If The 14th Amendment Prevents Him From Running For Colorado’s Primary, Donald Trump Has Asked The Supreme Court To Rule


The plaintiffs in this lawsuit contend that Trump is inevitably removed from office due to his acts following the 2020 presidential election. Trump’s attorneys respond that there is an overreach in the case against him.

Legal experts claim that if the court did not take swift action, the country would be in grave danger.

Trump’s attorneys argue that Congress, not unelected judges, should decide who is protected by a once-obscure, rarely-used language. They argue that the attack on the US Capitol building on January 6, 2021, was not an uprising.

They claim there was no broad attack, no significant gun ownership, and no other signs of insurrection. They claim that on that particular day, Trump only “engaged” in the exercise of his legally granted right to free speech.

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