Vladimir Putin Gave An Interview To Tucker Carlson, 54,–Highlights

Vladimir Putin

In his two-hour interview with ex-Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Russian President Vladimir Putin devoted the first thirty minutes to a revisionist historical diatribe about NATO expansionism, the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and the foundation myths of Russia and Ukraine.

From there, Vladimir Putin babbled on about everything from the conflict in Ukraine and US relations to the plight of American journalist Evan Gershkovich, who was imprisoned, and even artificial intelligence, berating Carlson when he interrupted.

It was detrimental to world democracy, justifying the avaricious congressional Republicans who wish to deny Ukraine help to appease Putin. It was tedious, especially after the Russian president spent a good portion of the two hours droning on about his interpretation of the history of the area.

Furthermore, it was an invaluable propaganda gift that greatly aided Vladimir Putin in spreading his narrative about Ukraine both domestically in Russia and abroad.

This began with Carlson’s post-interview opening video message on X (formerly Twitter), in which he urged his audience to consider Putin above all else as “sincere”.

Vladimir Putin Said He Never Refused Negotiations

In an interview from Moscow, Vladimir Putin informed Carlson that Russia has never objected to talks and that it would support any initiatives taken by Washington to talk about a peace deal in Ukraine.

In the interview that aired on Thursday, Putin stated that people are often asking, “Is Russia ready?” Indeed. He went on to say that they had publicly refused, not that they had declined.

Vladimir Putin has already stated that he is willing to negotiate a conclusion to the conflict, even after Russian forces were severely outgunned in 2022 as a result of counter-offensives by the Ukrainians.

Carlson gave Putin carte blanche to manipulate the public and present his version of events, no matter how false, rather than questioning him on the numerous issues at hand, such as the verifiable claims that Russia has committed war crimes and the detention of opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

Interspersed with the voicing of complaints, Putin seemed to educate Carlson on historical events, perplexing the presenter. In other words, Carlson gave Putin a platform to disseminate his propaganda to a worldwide audience with little to no investigation into the veracity of his assertions.

Putin wants Carlson to persuade Republicans to quit supporting Ukraine and focus on domestic issues, which seems to be his obvious purpose.

Throughout their whole conversation, Putin reminded Carlson—who appeared naive and apprehensive—that there were problems with the border, immigration, and national debt. Putin went on to say that because they were idle, why not engage in combat in Ukraine? Would it not be preferable to talk with Russia, Putin questioned?

By the end of the discussion, it was evident that Putin had no plans to stop his savage attack against the Ukrainian people. However, Carlson, fired by Fox last year, seems prepared to give up. Putin proposed to continue the conversation.

Putin Gave An Interview To Tucker Carlson, 54,--Highlights
On February 6, 2024, In Moscow, Russia, Russian President Vladimir Putin Shakes Hands With American Television Host Tucker Carlson


Carlson thanked the Russian leader and ended the interview, clearly worn out by his long-winded conspiracy theories and complaints against the West. This fell well short of the media coup he had been promoting.

Carlson, who was always caving into Putin, called the reputable and successful American reporter in his 30s, Sergei Gershkovich, a “kid” and even hinted that he might have committed a crime that warranted his detention about a year ago.

Vadim Krasikov, an FSB assassin serving life imprisonment in Germany for the 2019 Berlin shooting of a Georgian military officer, is someone Putin wants traded for. After all, assassins with governmental approval need to be taken care of.

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