Democrat Tom Suozzi Wants To Retake His Old Congressional Seat in 2024 From George Santos

Home Politics Democrat Tom Suozzi Wants To Retake His Old Congressional Seat in 2024 From George Santos
Tom Suozzi

Tom Suozzi, a Democrat from Long Island, declared on Tuesday that he will run for office in 2024, hoping to succeed Representative George Santos.

Suozzi just resigned from his position in Congress in order to run for governor, but he now wants to reclaim it.

He claimed that it was ludicrous for George Santos to continue serving in the US Congress.

Tom Suozzi declared on social media that he is well-known and has never watched from the sidelines. They need more compassion and common sense and less chaos and pointless conflict when it comes to issues like the cost of living, immigration, crime, climate change, battling terrorism in the Middle East and around the world, and simply assisting people.

Prior to his unsuccessful run for governor last year, Suozzi served as the representative for the 3rd Congressional District, which encompasses portions of Long Island and northeast Queens.

A formal campaign launch will happen after the municipal elections next month, the Democrat said in a message on X, formerly known as Twitter, as she announced her bid for Congress.

On Tuesday, he declared his intention to form a committee and run for Congress in November 2024. Everyone can see the insanity in Washington, D.C., and the ridiculousness of George Santos continuing to serve in the US Congress.

He had been attempting for weeks to enter the campaign against Santos, who has admitted to falsifying most of his official biography and is now the target of a federal indictment.

Santos was accused of crimes like money laundering and misleading Congress about his financial disclosure in May.

Nancy Marks, who served as Santos’ former campaign treasurer, pled guilty to a fraud conspiracy charge last week, naming the congressman as an accomplice.

The rookie lawmaker, who declared his candidacy for reelection in April, has refuted all accusations.

When it was discovered that the congressman had made an astounding amount of false statements about his past and abilities while running for office, his controversies helped him gain national notoriety.

Tom Suozzi has long been one of Santos’s detractors. In an opinion piece for the New York Times published just before Santos took office in January, Suozzi referred to his replacement as “a con man.” Because there is no hint that Santos will be driven by conscience to quit freely, he called for his ouster from office by Congress or by prosecutors.

The action is being taken as the parties prepare in New York for at least six House contests that are anticipated to be closely contested as they compete for command of the chamber in 2019. A number of Democrats are already seeking to represent their party’s nomination in one of those, which will be the Santos seat.

If Santos steps down, an emergency election would be called, and the candidate would be chosen by county party officials.

Democrat Tom Suozzi Wants To Retake His Old Congressional Seat in 2024 From George Santos
Tom Suozzi Hopes To Reclaim His Previous Congressional Seat


Along with Tom Suozzi, other Democrats running for office involve Steve Behar, a former staffer of New York City Council, the CEO of a surgical center, Austin Cheng, a former state senator named Anna Kaplan, a legislator from Nassau County named Josh Lafazan, a nonprofit executive named Zak Malamed, and a law professor from St. John’s University named Will Murphy.

Tom Suozzi believes that Long Island people are unaware that he left them to George Santos after this district has had terrible representation for almost a year, according to a statement from Kaplan.

Zak Malamed who is also looking for Santos’s seat said that Tom Suozzi, who previously served as this district’s representative, resigned and ran unsuccessfully for governor, opening the door for George Santos. The Long Island voters understand better than to provide him a second opportunity when he returns after making money as a lobbyist, Malamed continued.

Zak Malamed, a Democrat, raised $302,000 during the previous 3 months, giving him $524,000 in cash. Malamed is a Democratic fundraiser, but other declared Democrats have also been raising a lot of money by appealing to the anti-Santos sentiment, including Josh Lafazan and former state senator Anna Kaplan.

Tom Suozzi’s Background

Thomas Richard Suozzi, an American politician, attorney, and accountant, served from 2017 through 2023, as a representative for New York’s 3rd congressional district.  He had control over a stretch of the North Shore of Long Island.

Suozzi, a Democrat, was the county executive of Nassau County in New York from 2002 to 2009. Prior to his initial election in 2001, he held the office of mayor of Glen Cove for four consecutive terms of two years.

Tom Suozzi won a challenging reelection to Congress in 2020 after being elected in 2016. Prior to this, he was elected executive of Nassau County from 2002 to 2009 and acted as mayor of Glen Cove from 1994 to 2001.

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