Ron DeSantis Wants to Restrict Iranian-Owned Businesses from Operating in Florida amid Israel Crisis

Home Politics Ron DeSantis Wants to Restrict Iranian-Owned Businesses from Operating in Florida amid Israel Crisis
DeSantis Wants Restrictions on Iranian-Owned Businesses

Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis presented a slew of new proposed policies on Tuesday to show his administration’s support for Israel in its fight against Hamas terrorists.

DeSantis made his remarks at the Shul of Bal Harbour synagogue in Florida during a press conference. He linked Iran to the Hamas bloodshed this weekend and asked President Biden’s government to take further measures.

According to DeSantis, when Iran receives more money, it is not used to improve the lives of Iranians. They use it to support terrorism throughout the Middle East and around the world. They send money to Hezbollah, they send money to Hamas, and that is exactly what we have witnessed. And, certainly, Iran was involved in the planning of this attack on Israel. That has already been reported. They deny it, but we’re more intelligent than that.

DeSantis stated on Tuesday that the footage and photographs that appeared in the days following the first incursion by Hamas terrorists are “completely horrible” and that Israel has the legal right to protect itself.

The terrorist facilities in these networks must be destroyed, and Hamas must be eliminated, according to the Florida Governor.

He expressed worry that, in similar instances, people often argue Israel has the right to protect itself and respond, only to criticize Israel two weeks later.

We recognize that we have a chance to make an important distinction in terms of quality. But I believe it is a metaphor but also vital, and that is why we are proposing today that, as we stand with Israel, we penalize Iran,” the governor concluded. As a result, we will present a proposal for the next legislative session that would raise Florida penalties against Iran and prohibit Iranian business in our state.

DeSantis Wants to Restrict Iranian-Owned Businesses from Operating in Florida amid Israel Crisis
Hamas Terrorists Surged into Israel, Bringing Gun Fights to its Roads for the First Time in Many Years, Which has already Cost at least 1,600 Lives

According to DeSantis, there is no moral comparison between Hamas terrorism and an Israeli citizen.

The conflict, which erupted on Saturday when Hamas terrorists surged into Israel, bringing gun fights to its roads for the first time in many years, has already cost at least 1,600 lives.

We are all aware of this fact. DeSantis stated that if Hamas, Hezbollah, and any Palestinian Arab merely put down their arms tomorrow, there would be peace. If Israel surrendered its weapons tomorrow, the Jewish state would be destroyed.

Tensions are anticipated to rise further, with Israel threatening a ground invasion and Hamas threatening to murder captured Israelis if strikes damage civilians without notice. According to Israel, Hamas and other armed factions in Gaza are also holding around 150 troops and civilians hostage.

DeSantis Wants To Do More

DeSantis continued that Israel not only has the authority to protect itself but also the duty to protect itself with massive might, to defend itself in such a way that Hamas territorialist infrastructural networks are obliterated from the Earth. I believe that we require justice, and that justice must be so severe that they would never consider doing so again.

He claimed that there was an “instinct” against Israel “taking care of Hamas for good once and for all” because the country would face global condemnation. So, he believes, there was a useful political factor that drove certain Israeli authorities to hold back.

We should utilize all available means to prevent money from flowing to the Iranian dictatorship, he stressed. DeSantis’ new measures broaden current prohibitions on Iranian-owned enterprises operating in Florida.

Iran has an extensive record of supporting terrorism in Israel via Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah to the north. Following Saturday’s slaughter, the Israeli military was already carrying out over 1,000 missiles against Hamas targets in Gaza.

Tens of thousands of Israeli troops have been sent to the Gaza border, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has hinted that a ground assault is possible. In a phone chat with Biden on Monday, he said, We need to go inside.

Meanwhile, the bodies of over 1,500 Hamas fighters were discovered on Israeli land, according to the military. It was unclear whether such figures corresponded with those previously provided by Palestinian officials.

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