After Kevin McCarthy Oust, Trump Endorses Jim Jordan For House Speaker

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After Kevin McCarthy Oust, Trump Endorses Jim Jordan For House Speaker

On Friday, former president Donald Trump gave his support to Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan’s quest for speaker of the House.

Trump wrote in a post on Truth Social shortly after midnight that Jim Jordan would be a Fantastic Speaker of the House and has his Full  Endorsement.

According to a person with knowledge of the conversation, Trump considered a trip to Capitol Hill in the coming days to engage with Republicans as they seek a new speaker after he showed openness to temporarily filling the post himself.

Jim Jordan, the influential House Judiciary Committee‘s chairman, has been a vociferous defender of Trump. He was the first person to officially announce his intention to run for speaker this week when he emphatically replied “yes” to a question from reporters on Wednesday. Another Trump supporter and House majority leader Representative. Steve Scalise (R-La.) has declared his intention to run for speaker.

According to a source close to Trump, former president Donald Trump is not anticipated to visit Capitol Hill on Thursday evening. The internal conversations about a potential trip were first revealed by The Messenger.

The next probable House-wide speaker vote is scheduled for Wednesday, October 11 after Republicans hear from speaker candidates at a forum on Tuesday. Although others may yet declare their intentions to run, including Steve Scalise, the House Majority Leader, and Jordan, it is still unclear whether the conference will be able to agree on a McCarthy replacement that is both feasible and acceptable.

Scalise has been receiving treatment for blood cancer, so earlier this week it appeared that his main obstacle would be persuading coworkers that he is fit to perform his duties. But Jim Jordan’s endorsement by Donald Trump has now become his biggest issue.

It’s unclear if Jordan asked Trump for assistance or if Trump stepped in on his own. Nothing Scalise has done has put the former president at odds. But over time, Trump and Jim Jordan have developed a closer bond. And the Judiciary Committee’s efforts to help Trump with his legal issues through the “Weaponization” subcommittee Jordan established to look into alleged power abuse by Trump’s tormentors in the Justice Department have only cemented the alliance.

Jim Jordan
Jim Jordan, A representative From Ohio, Wants To Replace Kevin McCarthy As Speaker Of The House


As McCarthy announced he will not run for speaker again, House Republicans are looking for a replacement for the first speaker to be ousted by a vote in American history.

If no Democrats join the fray, becoming speaker, which is second in line to the presidency, requires a majority vote in the entire House as well as backing from both the far-right and mainstream GOP groups.

Jim Jordan would have more authority to get into Hunter Biden’s laptop and threaten those who are lawfully carrying out American duties, but as speaker, Jordan would occasionally be forced to use reason.

McCarthy was never able to win over the Republican Conference as a whole. After all, it required 1 billion votes for him to receive the gorgeous speaker’s gavel.

On Capitol Hill on Tuesday, House Republicans hope to hear from the contenders. In addition, a group of moderate House Republicans known as the Group of Republican Governance invited the declared contenders for speaker to a live candidate discussion early the following week. Each candidate taking part in the event will be allowed 10 minutes to make a pitch to members and 15 minutes for questions, reportedly to an email sent to group members and obtained by The Washington Post.

There is A Benefit For Jim Jordan

Jordan is much more popular among McCarthy’s opponents than McCarthy is.

Perhaps it’s his stylish white shirts and eye-catching ties. Perhaps it’s the scowl that appears on his face when he is questioning a public official. Maybe it has to do with the way he idolizes the late President Donald Trump.

He may be the fantasy right-wing king that he became since his time as an assistant wrestling trainer at Ohio State University thanks to all three of these factors. After all, Jordan helped form the House Freedom Caucus.

Jim Jordan is a right-winger on Capitol Hill who is too stylish for a suit. Why would he forego that to take the reins of leadership?

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