Simone Biles Claims Silver Medal in Vault at World Championships Despite Fall on Signature Biles II Move

Another outstanding accomplishment was made by proficient gymnast Simone Biles at the World Championships for Artistic Gymnastics. Her vault routine She lost her balance, but she still managed to achieve a silver medal and separate herself from the other competitor with her exceptional skills. 

Biles over-rotated during her first vault, the Yurchenko double pike, and fell backward onto the mat. She restored, though, and with a brief jump to the side, she precisely landed her second vault, a twisting Cheng. She had an overall average score of 14.549 points for her performance. 

With two perfect vaults, Rebeca Andrade of Brazil won the gold medal with an average score of 14.75. Even though Andrade’s routines were harder than Biles’s, the Brazilian gymnast’s execution score was higher. 

South Korean Yeo Seo-Jeong, who performed two flawless vaults with a lower difficulty rating than Biles, took home the bronze medal. 

Even with the unexpected mistake, Biles managed to secure a medal thanks to her impressive vault start values, which were the highest among all nine competitors. However, during her Yurchenko double pike vault, she faced a deduction of half a point because her coach was present on the mat to ensure her safety. 

With this achievement, Biles brought her overall number of Olympic and world championship medals—which now stands at 35—up to 28. Only Oksana Chusovitina, who has nine, has more world vault medals in a career than she does with six. She is exceptionally talented, and her exceptional skills made her different from another competitor. 

Leanne Wong, a teammate of Biles, came in seventh, while Joscelyn Roberson dropped from the competition after suffering an ankle injury during warm-up. 

Later in the competition, Biles will compete in the uneven bars final, where she is not considered a significant medal contender. 

Biles secured a spot in the final by placing fifth and took home a silver medal in the competition last year. 

Israeli athlete Artem Dolgaya won the men’s floor exercise on Friday, adding to his already impressive resume. In the final, American gymnast Fred Richard came in eighth. 

The final five apparatus finals for the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships will take place on Sunday. Biles is predicted to do excellently in the floor exercise and balancing beam competitions, where she is the presumptive gold medal favorite.

Another outstanding accomplishment was made by proficient gymnast Simone Biles
Her vault routine She lost her balance, but she still managed to achieve a silver medal


It is significant to note that among Biles’s accomplishments is executing a double backflip, a challenging ability that has often only been performed by males. 

Overall, Biles keeps her position as one of the greatest gymnasts of all time by shattering records and making history.

Simone Biles Vs Andrade:

Andrade and Biles sat next to one another and chatted casually while they awaited the announcement of the final score. Andrade and Biles embraced in a display of unity when the final score finally displayed on the massive scoreboards of the Sportpaleis arena. Andrade rushed over to her coach, Francisco Porath, who was celebrating her victory with a Brazilian flag as her excitement reached its climax. 

 “I’m over the moon for Brazil. After the competition, Andrade told, “This is another gold medal. If I am being entirely honest, I do not know if I am mentally prepared for it. 

 Although winning is always our goal, my major objective was to participate and give my best in the game. 

 Yeo Seo-Jeong, who took home a bronze medal at the 2020 Olympics, finished third and won her first-ever medal at the World Championship with a score of 14.416. The Republic of Korea also won its first medal at the World Championships in this event. 

As the first competitor in the finals, Biles fearlessly highlighted her Yurchenko double pike. However, during the landing, she had an unexpected outcome and landed on her back due to the excess power she generated. It is worth nothing that his vault is recognized as the Biles in the sport’s rulebook and is considered incredibly challenging, with a difficulty rating of 6.4. Despite the mishap, Biles still earned a commendable score of 14.433 for her performance.

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