Colorado’s Travis Hunter Taken to Hospital after Injury

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Colorado's Travis Hunter Taken to Hospital

Travis Hunter, a Colorado two-way star, suffered an injury in the first quarter after a late hit against Colorado State in the Rocky Mountain Showdown. On top of the late hit, Travis Hunter, who was playing receiver at the time, was called for interference. 

Hunter was targeted by quarterback Shedeur Sanders while running a go route down the left sideline. He had no chance on the play as the primary defender got into his body and interfered with the pass.

When the ball came in front of Travis, Safety Henry Blackburn stepped across and delivered the fatal strike. Hunter remained on the bench after a brief discussion. Colorado’s attack immediately tied the game at 14 points, because of Sanders’ long touchdown pass.

Hunter didn’t stay outside for very long, though. He returned to the game late in the first quarter, this time as a cornerback for Colorado.

Colorado still fights very well, they face a challenge comprehensively, a shout-out, or even a minor brawl, such as the one the Buffaloes had with some Colorado State players on Saturday evening. The Rocky Mountain Showdown in 2023 has received unmatched popularity and excitement.

Things have been heating up in recent days, with Rams head coach Jay Norvell and Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders trading punches. It erupted before the game, and Hunter was right in the center of it, and it seemed to energize him.

Hunter said in a video on social media, “They done messed with the wrong team. All talk, no bite.”


Travis Hunter Performance

Travis Hunter has been one of the best players for the Buffaloes this season after migrating from Jackson State. He is a two-way star for Colorado, playing cornerback and wide receiver. It’s a reasonable guess that if he makes his regular share of plays on Saturday night in Boulder, the smack talk will continue.

This week’s game between Colorado State and Colorado was full of fun and games until Jay Norvell, the Rams coach, brought Deion Sanders’ mother into the fray.

Norvell slammed Sanders and Colorado on his coach’s show this week, pointing out that Coach Prime wears sunglasses and a cowboy hat for his television interviews.

On Wednesday, Norvell said on the show that he does not care if they listen to it in Boulder. He further said that he told them that when he talks with elders, he takes his hat and glasses off. That’s what his mother taught him. 

Deion Sanders had some opinions on the Colorado State coach’s statements now that mothers were brought into the picture. We started the week off right. We’re trading greetings, as coaches do. Sanders explained that even when they don’t mean it, they do it anyway, noting that Norvell did not maintain his public friendliness.

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