Germany Shocked Team USA in the FIBA World Cup Semifinals

Germany defeated Team USA to Secure their Spot in the FIBA World Cup Finals. The United States men’s basketball team did not meet the expectations in the semifinal of the FIBA World Cup.

Germany’s excellent approach and dominance on the offensive glass proved too much for the U.S. in the FIBA World Cup 2023 semifinals. The United States team was considered the favorite to win the FIBA World Cup, and they played the best team in the Philippines. But, the United States team did not meet the expectations.

On Friday, Germany defeated the United States 113-111 and booked their place in the Finals, where they will play Serbia for gold. Team United States just lost by two points, but the team is still in the race for the Bronze medal. The United States will play Canada for the Bronze medal on Sunday.  

Germany played well in the first quarter of the match, and an outstanding third quarter booked their team to the finals of the FIBA World Cup. Germany’s winning streak in the World Cup is 7-0.

Los Angeles Lakers guard Austin Reaves scored 21 points for the United States, and Anthony Edwards and Minnesota Timberwolves scored 23 points. 

The United States team played better in this World Cup than its disappointing performance in the 2019 World Cup, where they ended up in seventh position. 

This outcome is not on expectations. This is the first World Cup for Grant Hill as U.S. men’s managing director and Steve Kerr’s first time coaching the U.S. team.

Germany Teams after winning the semifiainls
Germany Defeat Team USA to Secure their Spot in the FIBA World Cup Finals.

On Friday, Serbia ends team Canada’s journey to the final. Serbia defeated Canada by 95-86. Canada has never won a medal in the FIBA World Cup. Canada has been waiting for this moment for a couple of decades. Now, Canada will play the United States for the Bronze in the FIBA World Cup 2023. 

Next In the FIBA World Cup

Canada’s team performs well in the FIBA World Cup. They beat Latvia, Spain, France, and Slovenia in the quarterfinals of the FIBA World Cup. Germany and Serbia will play in the final of the FIBA World Cup, and the winning team will take the World Cup title for the first time. 

Canada and the U.S. are close in points per game. Canada’s points per game is 96.2, while the United States is 101.2. Canada also has five solid starters that can defend and score. But the question is, can they defeat the United States?

The United States head coach, Steve Kerr, told reporters after the game that the game has been played worldwide. This is not 1992 anymore. Games are tough. Moreover, he says. Players are better nowadays. Teams are better. Winning the Olympic Games or World Cup is difficult. 

The German team also plays NBA players like Franz Wagner, Daniel Theis, and Dennis Schröder. These players play essential roles in the entire FIBA World Cup and take their team to the Final. 

The teams that qualified for the 2024 Paris Olympics at the FIBA World Cup are the United States, Japan, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, South Africa, and Serbia. The remaining teams qualifying for the 2024 Paris Olympics will play in the qualifier round before the Olympics.

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