Former National Football League W.R., Mike Williams, is in Critical Condition; his life is in danger—Report

Home Sports Former National Football League W.R., Mike Williams, is in Critical Condition; his life is in danger—Report
Ex NCL wide receiver, Mark William

Several reports are saying that the main reason for the ex NFL receiver’s death is injuries that he suffered in an accident at work. Ex-National W.R. (wide receiver) Mike Williams played American football in the (NFL) for the Buffalo Bills and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He had an accident at his workplace, and now he is in the hospital.  

According to updated reports from news channel Spectrum News 1 in Buffalo and WGRZ-TV, former ex-NFL player Mike Williams, 36, is in a hospital in a Florida state. Mike Williams is critical, and he is fighting for his life.  

His agent, Hadley Engelhard, said this. Earlier reports said that Mike Williams had died on Tuesday night, but later, it was clarified that he was on life support.  

The mother of the eight-year-old daughter of Mike, Tierney Lyle, told the Tampa Bay Times that on Wednesday, when they visited to see him in a hospital, he was unconscious and unresponsive. She also described that he briefly woke up, shed tears, and looked around, but he was unable to move his body.  

Mike Williams’ officials have not yet replied to Fox News Digital’s questions about the health of Mike.  

According to a page of GoFundMe associated with ex-NCL wide receiver Mike Willams’ father, on the previous Friday, it was mentioned that Mike William had a big accident at work. The page described a player with a serious head injury due to a steel beam falling on his head. His body got paralyzed, swelling in his spinal cord and brain, which also suffered a rupture. Unfortunately, these injuries have paralyzed Mike Williams in his right arm and his body down from the waist.  

Former National Football League W.R., Mike Williams, is in Critical Condition; his life is in danger
The Former NFL Wide Receiver Mark William is in Critical Situation

According to GoFundMe, on Sunday, the former ex-NFL player Mike William’s condition got severe, and he was shifted into a coma. After severe head injuries, Mike lost consciousness, and unfortunately, he never regained consciousness.  

The former ex-NFL player, Mike William, who is from Buffalo. He went to the University of Syracuse. In 2006, as a college student of first year, he was the top receiver of the Buffalo team, accumulating four sixty-one yards. Mike Williams was recognized for his brilliant performance in the All-Big East selection. Because of his academic issues, he faced a suspension for the 2008 season.  

Mike Williams’ Performance in 2009 Season

In the 2009 season, Former Wide Receiver Mike Williams gave a brilliant performance in seven games. He scored seven touchdowns, and he grabbed forty-nine passes for seven forty-six yards. Moreover, because of violating teams following a car accident, Mike William made his decision to leave the team due to the possibility of facing suspension.  

Despite that ex-wide receiver of the NFL, Mark Willams faced tough times, he got selected in the fourth stage of the 2010 National Football League (NFL) draft by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Even with his earlier difficulties, he performed well and made a great impression at the beginning of his National Football League (NFL) career.   

Before the 2013 season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers gave worth of almost $40 million to make a new contract with him. However, his playing time was truly short, as he only played in six games that year. Later, he was traded by the Buffalo Bills in his hometown. Mark William played only one season for his hometown team, Buffalo Bills.  

In 2015, for the first games of the season, former wide receiver of the National Football League, Mark William, was meant to be suspended, but he did not join any team. For the entire year, Mark William remained a free agent.

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