Danny Serafini Ex-MLB Player Caught in 2021 Murder Case of his Father-in-Law

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Officials said a former Major League Baseball pitcher, Danny Serafini, was detained Friday in the 2021 shooting that killed his father-in-law and injured his mother-in-law in northern California.

Danny Serafini, 49, was taken into custody in Winnemucca, Nevada, according to a press release from the Placer County Sheriff’s Office. He played for the Minnesota Twins and five other clubs for seven seasons until retiring in 2007.

Samantha Scott, 33, was detained as well in Las Vegas, according to the announcement.

Serafini was the victims’ son-in-law, according to a sheriff’s office official at a press conference on Friday. Scott also knew them, perhaps as an assistant for the family, according to the spokesman.

Serafini and Scott, who face murder and attempted murder charges, were waiting for repatriation to Placer County, according to the sheriff’s office.

“Today, justice was served,” stated Placer County Sheriff Wayne Woo. The arrest of individuals responsible for the horrible events that occurred in Homewood, North Lake Tahoe, in 2021 demonstrates the unflinching commitment of our detectives and security partners and the perseverance of our pursuit of truth.

According to the sheriff’s office, on June 5, 2021, police came to a report at a residence in the North Lake Tahoe, California, area, near the border with Nevada, and discovered Robert Gary Spohr, 70, dead with one bullet wound.

Danny Serafini Ex-MLB Player Caught in 2021 Murder Case of his Father-in-Law
Serafini was Born in San Francisco and was Chosen by the Minnesota Twins in the 1992 MLB Draft

Serafini’s attorney, David Fischer, did not reply quickly to a phone call and email from The Associated Press requesting a comment on his capture.

Serafini, who was born in San Francisco, was chosen by the Minnesota Twins in the 1992 MLB Draft, according to CBS Sacramento. According to MLB.com, he also played for the Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds, and Colorado Rockies. He also represented Italy in the World Baseball Classic in 2013.

Police on Danny Serafini Case

The Clark County Public Defender’s Office did not immediately respond to an AP call asking if Scott had an attorney who could speak on her behalf. Police records do not name an attorney, and a Placer County Sheriff’s Office representative said the department had no information on her counsel.

Police claimed that surveillance footage from the Spohr and Wood home showed a man wearing a gray hoodie, a face mask, and a backpack entering it hours before the incident. The same man can be seen walking up the driveway in another video.

After receiving a 911 call, deputies went to the house. Spohr had been shot once, while Wood had been shot at least twice. Wood was able to recuperate from his injuries, but he died a year later.

The sheriff’s office stated that detectives have dedicated countless hours of follow-up by investigators, along with the DA’s Office, to solving the case over the previous two years.

According to sources, authorities were exploring the possibility that the suspect had been hired to murder the Spohrs last year. The Placer County Sheriff’s Office then announced in April 2023 that it was seeking many suspects in the Reno region.

A six-figure reward was offered by the family for information leading to an arrest. Adrienne Spohr, the Spohrs’ daughter, told CBS Sacramento that both of her parents were targeted after the crime.

We still don’t comprehend the killer’s motivation, and at the end of the day, he came here to kill my mom and dad, Spohr told the station in 2021.

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