Son of a Hamas Commander Says Hamas is More Dangerous than ISIS

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Son of a Hamas Commander

The son of a Hamas leader declared on Monday that Hamas is even more deadly than ISIS and that the mainstream media is reluctant to label the organization as a murderous religious organization for fear of starting a full-scale religious conflict.

Mosab Hassan Yousef stated, I think Hamas is a lot more dangerous, so it’s their own equivalency to say Hamas and ISIS. 

Observe how Hamas has caused division and uncertainty around the world. They somehow brought us to our knees with their cruelty and savagery. Hamas’s acts are even being understated by brutality. A religious movement that is fiercely opposed to Israel is called Hamas. This is something that the majority of the media cannot discuss for fear of starting a religious conflict. And it already is, as I said. Because they are a Jewish state and because they are people, they want to destroy the Jewish people.

Yousef, who left the terrorist organization in the 1990s to work as a spy for Israel’s Shin Bet internal security agency, claimed that since Hamas is not a political or national movement, negotiations with it are impossible.

He stated that they are motivated by a dark antipathy toward a race or nation.

The Islamic State, or ISIS, has seen a significant decline in power since gaining territorial control over portions of both Syria and Iraq in the 2010s. It gained notoriety for its terrorist attacks and heinous violations of human rights against those living under its rule.

After Israel left the territory known as Gaza in the 2000s, Hamas seized power and has remained in charge of the region ever since it was elected in 2006. This month, Israel waged war on the terror group’s unexpected invasion and murderous spree against Jewish people in southern Israel.

Son of a Hamas Commander
Prof. Kiron Skinner, an Expert in Foreign Affairs, Issued a Warning on Monday, Stating that the Israel Conflict has All the Makings of “World War III”.
According to Yousef, much of Hamas’s strength

More than 200 captives have been captured by Hamas and returned to Gaza, the poor territory it controls that borders Egypt and Israel. The dispute has garnered international attention.

According to Yousef, much of Hamas’s strength in withstanding an Israeli ground invasion would come from its established tactic of employing “human shields.”

Tunnels abound there. They dug tunnels with the money and supplies that were sent to Gaza, he claimed. Dealing with this kind of suicidal set of fighters, who essentially don’t value life, is really difficult. In fact, they are looking forward to passing away.

It is feasible to eliminate Hamas, he said, but it would start with demolishing its infrastructure, obtaining information, and imposing a strangling siege.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the Israel Security Agency, often known as Shin Bet, formed a new division called NILI, which stands for “The Eternity of Israel Will Not Lie” in Hebrew.

The new unit’s mission is to find and eliminate every individual involved in the atrocities. It will function independently of other command and control groups that are concentrated on removing attack cells and senior Hamas officials, the paper states.

It is intended to deliberately target members of the Nukhba wing of Hamas, a secret commando force within the terror organization that Israel thinks was responsible for the attacks.

Prof. Kiron Skinner, an expert in foreign affairs, issued a warning on Monday, stating that the Israel conflict has all the makings of “World War III”.

According to Skinner’s remarks on the news, a number of circumstances might cause a regional conflict in the Middle East to expand far and eventually turn into a worldwide battle. She cited Iran’s threats to join the conflict, which might lead to an American counterattack.

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