US Sanctions 10 Hamas Members and Their Financial Network for the Unexpected Attack on Israel

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US Sanctions 10 Hamas Members and Their Financial Network for the Unexpected Attack on Israel

This severe operation against all these officials were done due to the current attacks in Israel and due to these attacks more than one thousand people died and many of people were kidnapped. These attacks were also destroying the economy and financial condition of Israel. 

The Office of Foreign Assets Control of the Treasury Department imposed these sanctions on a range of people. They include the people in charge of overseeing Hamas’ investment portfolio, a financial intermediary with strong connections to the Iranian government headquartered in Qatar, a Hamas commander, and an exchange for virtual currencies operating out of Gaza.  

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen stated that the United States of America is moving swiftly and firmly to take out Hamas’ financiers and facilitators. This is in retaliation for Hamas’ horrific and terrible attack on Israeli citizens, especially minors. Secretary Yellen emphasized in an email that the U.S. Treasury has a proper track of records that successfully preventing the funding of terrorists and that it will not think twice about using its resources to take out Hamas.  

Financial penalties known as sanctions are intended to keep individuals and organizations from doing business with American people and corporations and avoid access to cash held in the United States.

This severe operation against all these officials were done due to the current attacks in Israel
On Wednesday, the U.S charged sanctions on ten officials of the Palestinian militant group Hamas and their Financial network in Gaza, Turkey, Qatar, Sudan and Algeria.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken made it clear that the sanctions do not apply to the Palestinian people in general, but instead to the terrorists affiliated with Hamas and their network of followers. He called on Hamas to promptly free all hostages under its control and declared that Hamas is solely to blame for the harm done to the Israeli people by its militants. Blinken highlighted that the US remains resolute in its determination to employ every tool at its disposal to thwart Hamas’ terrorist operations.  

The Treasury Department claimed that it had sanctioned multiple agents and a financier for Hamas. Along with the Hamas operative located in Qatar, the United States also banned the organization’s military relations leader, who is thought to have been killed in an airstrike on Tuesday.

US Sanctions Banned:

The U.S. authorities said that these people were sanctioned due to their involvement in Hamas-related activities. Sanctions also applied against the proprietor of a Gaza-based business that provides services for virtual currency exchange and money transfers.  

The Treasury Department has made it clear that tiny donations—including bitcoin donations—are crucial for Hamas’ activities. Elliptic, a company that tracks cryptocurrencies, claimed that although Hamas has utilized cryptocurrencies in the past, they do not currently depend significantly on them for funding. Hamas’s use of cryptocurrencies has shown to be vulnerable to interruption and discovery. 

The White House has said that it has not yet discovered proof of Iran’s direct involvement in the most current Hamas attack, which was one of the biggest attacks on Israel in decades. Iran is the main source of financial and military assistance for Hamas. Based on their intelligence, U.S. authorities have not placed the blame directly on Tehran or suggested that Iran had any involvement at all.  

Deif, who is not visible to the public, said in a recorded message, “Enough is enough.” He claimed that the incident marked the beginning of Operation Al-Aqsa Storm and urged Palestinians living in North Israel and East Jerusalem to join the war. 

To ease tensions in the growing confrontation between Israel and Hamas, President Joe Biden traveled to the Middle East early on Wednesday. But there have been major setbacks to these attempts, such as the devastating explosion at a hospital in Gaza that claimed around 500 lives.  

Different opinions came regarding the identity of the person who is responsible for the hospital explosion, and these opinions vary. Higher authorities Gaza instantly stated that it was an airstrike of Israel.  

But Israel government did not bother this and denied any involvement in the attacks. Israel showed some proofs that contains videos recording and audio, suggesting that Islamic Jihad, and other militant groups in Gaza, However, Islamic Jihad rejected this claim and said when we do, we will announce, we do not have a fear of anyone. It is our duty to war against oppression. We will not allow to anyone to kill innocent people.

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