Michael Strahan Reveals His Daughter, 19, Had Brain Tumor Diagnosis

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Michael Strahan

Michael Strahan’s 19-year-old daughter Isabella was diagnosed with a brain tumor, the couple disclosed on “Good Morning America” on Thursday.

In an interview with Michael’s co-anchor Robin Roberts, Isabella and Michael Strahan revealed that she was diagnosed in late October and has since undergone treatment and emergency surgery.

According to Isabella Strahan, keeping it quiet for almost two months has been challenging. She went on to say that it was difficult always to keep in, so she did not want to hide it.

Isabella reported that she was feeling okay, not too horrible, ahead of her chemotherapy appointment at Duke Children’s Hospital and Health Center in Durham, North Carolina, which begins next month.

She cried out that it was her next move and that she could not wait for it to begin so that it would be one day closer to being finished. She continued, saying that although she was eager for the process to be over, you simply had to carry on with your daily life throughout it all.

In an interview with his colleague GMA co-anchor Robin Roberts, Michael, 52, said he genuinely believed he was the luckiest man alive because Michael Strahan had an incredible kid. He went on to say that although he knew she was suffering through it, she was going to smash this and that they would never be given more than they could bear.

Isabella Strahan stated that she initially believed her symptoms to be vertigo, but a few weeks later, she woke up on October 25 and discovered things had gotten worse.

Isabella claimed that she was throwing up blood when she woke up, which was something she disliked doing, possibly around one in the afternoon. She went on to say, “Well, this probably wasn’t good.” After that, she texted her sister, who informed the rest of the family.

According to Michael, that’s when they concluded Isabella needed to have a full examination. Michael Strahan continued by thanking God for the doctor, saying that he believed the doctor’s thoroughness had saved her life.

The fast-growing tumor, larger than a golf ball and located near the back of her brain, was found by an MRI. The co-anchor of GMA claimed that he didn’t recall much and that it didn’t feel real. He continued, saying that he had just remembered attempting to find the quickest route to [L.A.]. 

Regarding the future, Isabella expressed her excitement about returning to college, relocating to California, and beginning her academic journey anew. She clarified that it wasn’t over; rather, she was just getting back into a pattern and doing something she enjoyed.

Michael Strahan Reveals His Daughter, 19, Had Brain Tumor Diagnosis
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On Instagram, Michael Strahan announced that his daughter @IsabellaStrahan had joined @RobinRoberts for an interview regarding her trip on @GMA. He went on to say that he was constantly by his daughter Isabella’s side and loved her.

Cedars Sinai Hospital’s Statements, Where Michael Strahan’s Daughter Had Surgery

According to Cedars Sinai, the institution where Strahan had his surgery, medulloblastoma is frequently accompanied by headaches, dizziness, balance issues, and abnormalities in cognitive function. 

According to the hospital, medulloblastoma is often treated with surgery to remove the tumor, which is followed by radiation and chemotherapy. 

According to the hospital, MRI scans are carried out multiple times a year to check for the tumor’s recurrence. 

The Treatment Begins Right Now According to the Cancer Resource Network, around 350 instances of medulloblastoma are diagnosed in the United States each year. The age of 15 is below for about 60% of cancer patients. 

According to the group, the five-year survival rate for medulloblastoma is 72.1%.

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