Olivia Rodrigo, Who Allegedly Lacks A Driver’s License, Rides Along With Jimmy Kimmel And His Children

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Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo gave Jimmy Kimmel great props for being a cool parent in the eyes of his kids.

Singing songs for a prerecorded part on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the “Drivers License” singer “hitched a ride” along with Kimmel, his wife Molly McNearney, and their two children, William John “Billy,” 6, and Jane, 9, on their way to school.

In the Tuesday-released video, Kimmel and his significant other are seated in the front, while Jane and Billy, who appear bored, are talking about how much they detest school in the back seat.

Olivia Rodrigo, a rising pop star who recently signed with a major label, admitted to some obstacles and embarrassing moments in a sweet vignette that appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night. The foremost of these is the revelation that, following a bevy of presents from President Joe Biden, she informed Kimmel on a prior visit that Biden had given her an ice cream scooper instead of a shoehorn.

The host of the show and his wife Molly shocked their 6-year-old son Billy and 9-year-old daughter Jane on their way to school on Tuesday’s broadcast of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Jane said that not really, he did not like school,” in response to the question of whether they were pleased to learn things in class today.

Jimmy unexpectedly revealed that someone was a hitchhiker up there when he pulled up to Olivia Rodrigo, hoping to make the best out of the day.  Jane covered her face and said oh my God, Billy, because he was shocked after seeing Olivia Rodrigo, as the Guts actress got into the backseat.

After Kimmel and Molly’s children recovered from their initial astonishment at being around one of the top music stars in the world.

When she got into the middle rear seat, Rodrigo asked the lads whether it would bother them if she hitched a ride, grinning broadly.

Olivia Rodrigo did an excellent job of calming the two children down by asking Jane which of her songs was her favorite while they both seemed astonished.

Olivia Rodrigo, Who Allegedly Lacks A Driver's License, Rides Along With Jimmy Kimmel And His Children
Olivia Rodrigo Hitchhiking With Jimmy Kimmel, His Wife, And Children


Jane revealed that Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl was one of his favorite books.

In response, Olivia Rodrigo said that she too loved it since it was so endearing. She was grateful for Jane. Billy is then asked to share his opinion, and he says, “The ‘Get Him Back’ song” is his favorite.

The trio in the backseat then starts blasting the music from the car stereo, starting with Jane’s selection and moving on to Billy’s. Rodrigo gives the siblings a farewell embrace as they get to school. She thanked the guys and expressed her admiration for them.

The most insightful part of Rodrigo’s presence, though, was when she revealed to Kimmel that the themes in her initial lyrics for “get him back” and “all-American bitch,” two of her biggest singles from Guts, were more explicit than they ended out being.

When Rodrigo felt it was appropriate and necessary, she enjoyed using profanity, but occasionally, she attempted to tone it down, she told Kimmel. She also mentioned that she had to take back some of the swearing she had been doing on a few of the album’s tracks.

Olivia Rodrigo Met Her Fantastic Fan

On the YouTube series Recess Therapy in September, Rodrigo got to know Olivia, another of her favorite followers. Olivia said to Rodrigo that her album Guts was among her best releases. Later, Rodrigo overheard Olivia tell her that she was one of the coolest painters she had ever seen and that she was just like the original.

Olivia went on to say that although she was aware of other artists, they were really immature and childlike. However, Olivia’s impression of Rodrigo changed, and she made a wager that she would see him when she was older.

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