Bad Bunny Takes on Two Roles with Pedro Pascal and Mick Jagger on ‘Saturday Night Live’ 

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Bad Bunny Takes on Two Roles

The popular Latin trap artist, Bad Bunny, has been receiving a lot of attention since surprising his fans with the release of his latest album, Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Manana.

This week, he had a memorable appearance on Saturday Night Live (SNL), where he not only performed as the musical guest but also took on the role of guest host.

As is customary with SNL, the most popular sketches were those that highlighted Bad Bunny’s charisma and stage presence, especially when they included Spanish (subtitles optional).

Two particularly noteworthy drawings showed a man whose mother and aunt disapproved of his new lover, and another showed a group of explorers discussing the New World. The smooth flow of Spanish and the expression of Benito’s distinct sense of humor were made possible by these sketches.

With much anticipation, the rapper’s full name, Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, began his Saturday Night Live (SNL) visit. Since English is not his first language, he humorously recognized that some people would be unsure if he could host the show. He also joked about using his entire name.

Bad Bunny Takes on Two Roles with Pedro Pascal and Mick Jagger on 'Saturday Night Live' 
The Most Popular Sketches were those that Highlighted Bad Bunny’s Charisma and Stage Presence, Especially When They Included Spanish

However, he asserted with confidence that he is free to do anything he pleases, even if he personally prefers Spanish for intimate activities. He mentioned that he may even order McDonald’s and present the show in English. He just happens to be a Spanish-language enthusiast.

The first sketch of the evening focused on Ohio Representative Jim Jordan’s botched bid to become House Speaker. Representative George Santos of New York, Representative Lauren Boebert of Colorado, and James Austin Johnson’s hilarious portrayal of former President Trump pay Jordan a visit.

In a lighthearted comment, Trump asks why Radiohead doesn’t play their song Creep live anymore and applies parts of the lyrics to Jordan’s predicament. In a last-ditch jibe, Trump cuts Jordan off before he can announce the show, saying it’s not for losers, and then he delivers the famous live from New York… It’s Saturday night!

Bad Bunny in a skit

The legendary frontman of The Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger, surprised everyone with a cameo appearance on Saturday Night Live. He joined Hernandez and Bad Bunny in a skit centered around filming a dramatic scene. Interestingly, Punkie Johnson, who acted alongside them, bravely tried to deliver her lines even though she didn’t speak any Spanish. The skit included fake slaps and showcased the comedic talents of the cast.

An unusual twist was added to the comedy when an older-looking, mustachioed Jagger showed up. He fake-slapped Hernandez and Bad Bunny after portraying them as their fathers on film.  

For a completely Spanish-language sketch, SNL veteran Fred Armisen participated. On their trip to China, two explorers, Armisen and Day, discovered a new continent and decided to head back to Spain. Rather than taking the simple route of sailing around the continent, the explorers tried to sell a variety of goods to a prince and king of Spain, represented by Bad Bunny and Hernandez.

The sketch’s humor was well-written and fast-paced, which led to several hilarious laughs throughout. Some of Bad Bunny’s finest laughs of the evening were given as he demonstrated his comic timing.

Another standout moment on the show was a parody featuring Ego Nedim as Jada Pinkett Smith, known for promoting her memoirs. In the skit, Pinkett Smith humorously expressed her belief that one should never go to bed satisfied, playfully contrasting it with her husband Will Smith’s perspective.

She lightheartedly mentioned her past relationship with Tupac Shakur and jokingly referenced her enjoyment of cucking her billionaire spouse. She even mentioned Will Smith’s playful desire to “shoot” Kevin Hart if their marriage encountered challenges. While there were a few tense moments in the program, this segment stood out as the sole guest appearance during the show’s news portion.

Although not every joke in the update segment landed perfectly, co-host Michael Che playfully called out the audience for laughing at one of them.

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