Ivanka Trump Must Give Testimony At Her Father’s NY Civil Fraud Trial: Judge

Home Politics Ivanka Trump Must Give Testimony At Her Father’s NY Civil Fraud Trial: Judge
Ivanka Trump

On Friday, the judge presiding over the case decided that Ivanka Trump would have to testify in her father’s New York civil fraud trial.

Ivanka Trump’s counsel moved to have a subpoena for her testimony quashed, but New York Judge Arthur Engoron rejected their request. He did, however, state that her hearing shouldn’t take place before Wednesday to provide her time to appeal his decision.

Ivanka Trump’s lawyer had contended that since she had been dropped as a defendant in the case by an Appellate Court, she shouldn’t be made to appear.

The choice was taken a few weeks into the trial in which the former president, his sons Don Jr. and Eric, the Trump Organization, and a few officials were being sued by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

Ivanka Trump was dismissed from the case months ago, and her attorneys and the defense contended that she wasn’t obligated to testify after that. They cited her resignation from the Trump Organization in 2017 and her departure from New York. According to the state attorneys, the former vice president and chief executive of the Trump Organization is in possession of important information.

Following a brief hearing on the subject, Engoron stated that Ms. Trump has obviously taken advantage of the opportunity to conduct business in New York.

In financial documents given to banks and insurers, Republican front-runner Donald Trump for president in 2024 is accused of misrepresenting his wealth by billions of dollars. One of the six trials he is up against in order to go back into the White House in 2019 is the one in New York. Trump claims the case is a part of the Democrats’ “witch hunt” and denies any wrongdoing.

In his decision on Ivanka Trump, Engoron referred to the trial as “a search for truth” and stated that “everyone’s evidence” should be heard by the public. To give Ivanka Trump’s attorneys time to appeal his ruling, he did, however, decide that she would not have to take testimony by November 1.

Mary Trump included a clip of Ivanka Trump’s 2020 video statement to the House committee that is looking into the Capitol riot on January 6, 2020, in her tweet about Engoron’s decision.

Ivanka Trump Must Give Testimony At Her Father's NY Civil Fraud Trial: Judge
Ivanka Trump, The Daughter Of The Former President, Has Until Wednesday To File An Appeal After Engoron Made A Ruling That She Would Not Take To The Witness Stand


Ivanka Trump is still connected to the Trump Organization, according to attorney Kevin Wallace of the attorney general’s office, and she is directly aware of a loan that was given for the Old Post Office development project in Washington, DC.

Ivanka Trump was accused in the attorney general’s case of being responsible for the fraud conducted on a loan from Deutsche Bank that was given to Trump and his business for the Old Post Office project.

Engoron also stated that it was too late for Ivanka Trump to submit a sworn statement verifying that she does not transact business in New York, a suggestion put forth by her attorney in court on Friday. The judge cited documents from the state as evidence that she owns property and conducts business in the state. 

Christopher Kise’s Statements On Ivanka Trump’s Testimony

Christopher Kise, the attorney for her father, claimed that the AG’s office needed Ivanka to testify in order to have another “circus day,” alluding to some of the fireworks that occurred earlier this week when her father, who is hoping to be president in 2024, was in court.

According to Kise, the judge wants her in the courtroom so that the media can re-occupy it.

Kise described the subpoena as another abuse directed at President Trump’s kids. They simply want one more free-for-all on one of President Trump’s kids, according to Kise.

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