The Suspect in the Shooting Incident in Maine, Robert Card, was Found Dead

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Suspect in Shooting Incident in Maine

The suspect in Wednesday’s night incident, Robert Card, who murdered 18 individuals in Lewiston, Maine, has been discovered dead, law enforcement forces told the news. They said that Maine State Police found Card on Friday night at 7:45 p.m.

A sigh of relief can now be felt by our community, Lewiston Police Department Director David St. Pierre stated.

He appeared to have self-induced a gunshot wound when he was discovered dead by the trash next to a recycling company in Lisbon Falls, Maine, according to the police. The location was not specified by the police.

Although they withheld specifics at first, the authorities stated that the suspect used to work at the recycling facility. Maine Governor Janet Mills commended state and local law officers for their assistance in locating Card at a press conference on Friday night.

At the Friday night news conference, Governor Mills expressed gratitude to the numerous local, county, state, and federal law enforcement personnel from all around the country, as well as individuals from neighboring states, for their diligent search that led them to this find.

Following the mass shootings at the Schemengees Bar and Grille and the Sparetime Recreation bowling alley, Card was the focus of a two-day manhunt.

Hundreds of law enforcement personnel, including members of the FBI, SWAT, and the highly skilled ‘BORTAC’ Border Patrol squad, searched for Card, who was reportedly armed and dangerous.

In Maine, there are no longer any limits on hunting, according to Michael Sauschuck, the commissioner of safety for everyone.

Sauschuck had earlier on Friday declared that hunting was out of the question in Lewiston, Lisbon, Bowdoin, and Monmouth until further notice.

Sauschuck announced during the news conference on Friday night that hunting would resume tomorrow following the discovery of Robert Card’s body, the suspect in the mass massacre. According to him, those four areas are included in the state of Maine’s open resident hunting chance for tomorrow.

Hunters have been impacted by high-profile law enforcement manhunts in the past, like the manhunt for a suspected police killer in Pennsylvania in 2014. Citing worries for the safety of the population, Pennsylvania authorities temporarily banned hunting in several areas of the state that were being scoured by police forces during that weeks-long search.

Sen. Susan Collins of Maine reported that President Joe Biden called her on Friday night to let her know that Robert Card, the suspect in the Lewiston shooting, had passed away.

Collins posted on X that tonight, Mainers can exhale in unison with relief, thanks to the courageous first responders who toiled day and night to find this killer. President Biden and I both expressed our sincere gratitude for the bravery and tenacity of these courageous men and women when he contacted me this evening to inform me that the perpetrator of the horrific acts in Lewiston had been apprehended.

Suspect in Shooting Incident in Maine Robert Card was Found Dead
Sen. Susan Collins of Maine reported that President Joe Biden called her on Friday night to let her know that Robert Card, the suspect in the Lewiston, Maine, shooting, had passed away.

Collins continued by speaking to the families affected by the shooting. Collins remarked, “I know that nothing will erase the shock, pain, and justified anger you feel.” This was directed towards those who lost loved ones and the injured victims of the incident. Realizing that you are in the hearts of people in Maine and all throughout the country is something I hope will give you comfort and strength.

Survivor of Maine Shooting Response

After learning of the death of the Lewiston shooting suspect on Friday, shooting survivor Tammy Asselin responded.

Keeping back tears, Asselin told CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, It is terrible because we have a lot of queries left unresolved, but it is also comforting so that the community as a whole itself may continue on without his fear out there.

As the shooting started on Wednesday at the Just-in-Time Recreation bowling alley, Asselin was taken from her 10-year-old daughter. Tricia Asselin, her cousin, was killed in the shooting.

Knowing that he has been apprehended brings my daughter some comfort, as she had been afraid he would still be at large.

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