US Diplomats Told the Biden Team that There was Growing Anger Toward the US in the Arab 

Home Politics US Diplomats Told the Biden Team that There was Growing Anger Toward the US in the Arab 
US Diplomats Told the Biden Team

According to a diplomatic cable, US diplomats in the Arab world have warned the Biden administration that their unwavering backing of Israel’s catastrophic and lethal military operation in Gaza is losing us Arab people for an era.

The cable highlights the serious concerns held by American officials about the rising anti-American sentiment that surfaced shortly after Israel began its counteroffensive against Hamas, in response to the terrorist organization’s October 7 bombings in Israel that claimed the lives of over 1,400 Israelis.

A cable from the US Embassy in Oman on Wednesday stated that we are failing terribly on the messaging battlespace, citing discussions with a variety of reliable and sober-minded sources.

The cable cautions that the strong US backing for Israel’s operations is being viewed as moral and material responsibility for what they perceive to be potential war crimes.

The National Security Council of the White House, the CIA, and the FBI were among the recipients of the cable, which was written by the second-ranking US diplomat stationed in Muscat. Even though it’s just one cable from a local embassy, it offers a glimpse behind closed doors into the mounting concern over the anti-US sentiment that’s sweeping the Middle East.

Another cable that CNN was able to obtain from the US embassy in Cairo carried the assessment from a state-run Egyptian newspaper that President Biden was the most inhumane and indifferent to Palestinians of all US presidents, and it was sent back to Washington.

US Diplomats Told the Biden Team that There was Growing Anger Toward the US in the Arab 
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s opposition to the idea of humanitarian breaks on Friday

In light of the horrific humanitarian situation in the area and the pictures of devastation in Gaza, President Biden has been under increasing pressure both at home and abroad for US backing of Israel. Officials have sought to increase aid entering Gaza and have pushed for humanitarian pauses to allow additional supplies to enter the enclave and to allow civilians to evacuate the conflict, even while the administration has rejected calls for a truce.

US Diplomats Reveals

United States partners in the Arab world have expressed their intense rage at the Gaza humanitarian disaster in recent days.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken was present at a conference last weekend that was called by the foreign minister of Jordan and included the secretary general of the Palestine Liberation Organization in addition to senior officials from Egypt, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.

While Blinken reaffirmed US opposition, the Arab leaders at the meeting demanded an immediate truce in Gaza, claiming that doing so would allow Hamas to reorganize and prepare for another attack on Israel.

Israel has consented to proceed with daily four-hour pauses of military operations in parts of northern Gaza, the White House announced on Thursday.

Despite Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s opposition to the idea of humanitarian breaks on Friday, Blinken had reached a compromise in principle on the pauses following his meetings in Israel last week, US officials told CNN. The authorities pointed out that it was comparable to the time when the Israeli government resisted humanitarian aid into Gaza before choosing to let it, and that the Israeli prime minister was perceived as pandering to his coalition in doing so.

The US views this deal as progress because the Israelis are using the word “pauses,” which is exactly what the US thinks it can build upon, even though Israel has already been implementing such pauses.

As previously noted by News Channel, calls for the US to support a cease-fire have increased among government workers; some higher-ups privately say there are elements of Israel’s forces that they simply cannot stomach protecting, and others are distraught by the constant images of Palestinian civilians being murdered by Israeli airstrikes.

Biden has also encountered mounting dissatisfaction on the home front.

Pro-Palestinian protests have been taking place daily near the White House compound; last week, at a private fundraiser, the president was approached by a protester demanding a ceasefire; this week, bright-red handprints meant to resemble blood and phrases like “mass murder Joe” wrapped one of the entrances close to the West Wing.

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