Patrick Mahomes Faced Criticism After Losing : Too Many Questions Arose

Before the beginning of the 2022 season, NFL (National Football League) experts predicted that Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City Chiefs did not perform well in the 2022 season.  

Experts criticized a lot, but Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs did not bother them and faced criticism with a positive attitude. They proved them wrong with their outstanding performance and surprised everyone by winning Super Bowl LVII. 

Patrick Mahomes had 226 yards in the game, and he only flawlessly threw two touchdown passes. Although there was one interception, they dropped a lot of catches. They will win if they do not drop too many catches. Everyone in the crowd strongly hated the performance.  

In an interview with “The Drive on Audacy’s 610 Sports Radio,” Patrick Mahomes said that “people want to let me down and my team with criticism.” Patrick Mahomes faced the criticism with a positive attitude. He did not bother them, and he is willing to come back with more strong energy. Patrick also believes that he and his team are on the top and said when you are on the top, people want you to let you down with their negative views and criticism. 

Speaking on the radio channel, Patrick Mahomes said, “I think when you have had so much success, people are kind of waiting for you to go down,” Moreover, he also said, “We know that as a team, and I will just say it is one loss, but you do not want them to compound, so you go out there and get better on the field of football, and of that stuff type of goes away.” 

Patrick Mahomes Faced Criticism After Losing
Experts criticized a lot, but Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs did not bother them


The Chiefs only lost with one score against the Lions. Both teams performed very well. The Lions came back and showed his best performance in the game. The Chief players also showed brilliant performance in the game. They played with their best skills but unfortunately they lost with the difference of 1 points. 

Patrick Mahomes Spirit:

At the end of the game experts of National Football League gave the negative views and made criticism on them. They also criticized Patrick Mahomes. But Patrick showed sportsman spirit and got the criticism in a positive way. He thinks that criticism will give us more energy and said we will identify our mistakes and try to improve and return with our best.

Patrick looked more confident and said,” We do not need to change our game, if we are playing with our natural game, we will do a lot, we have a good potential and we also have a opportunity to show everybody who we are or who the chiefs are. And that is the biggest answer for everybody: ‘Let’s come back to what we do, and we continue to be challenging work at it.'”  

 Patrick Mahomes has a strong belief in himself and the Chiefs. Travis Kelce was not part of the team. He is a star player of the Chiefs. When he is part of the team. The team played very confidently. We changed our strategy because we do not have Travis. Every player has his own quality, so if one of the best player is not playing, it affects the performance of the team. Patrick answered the people who criticized the Patrick and the Chiefs. He said, “We came back with double energy, and we will do our best. We are not less than anyone; we have the best players, and we have the potential to win the next games. 

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