Escaped Murderer Danelo Cavalcante Arrested in Pennsylvania

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Escaped Murderer Danelo Cavalcante Arrested

On Wednesday morning, state police said Danelo Cavalcante had been arrested alive in Pennsylvania after he ran from Chester County Prison and dodged authorities for about two weeks.

Many highly armed police officers were seen carrying a perimeter in the South Coventry Township area late Tuesday and early Wednesday. It was unknown where police eventually arrested the wanted man. 

Law enforcement said that police and American Border petrol teams captured Danelo near the home where he robbed a .22-caliber rifle with a mounted scope and flashlight from an open garage on Monday night. The homeowner had followed Cavalcante after the theft, firing his pistol in an attempt to stop the culprit, but unfortunately, he did not hit his target.

Pennsylvania State Police had alerted locals to remain inside, lock their doors, and secure their vehicles. Officers had said Danelo Cavalcante was armed and “extremely dangerous.”

The search for Cavalcante involved about 500 law enforcement agents from state, local, and federal agencies. Much of the investigation was conducted in rugged forest terrain. Law enforcement advised many schools to close for numerous days as citizens stayed on edge.

Escaped Murderer Danelo Cavalcante Arrested in Pennsylvania
Escaped Murderer Danelo Cavalcante Arrested in Pennsylvania after 2 weeks

Danelo Cavalcante was run from the Chester County facility on August 31. Police published a video of Cavalcante’s escape last week. Last Monday, authorities revealed a video of Cavalcante’s out, which showed the convicted killer crab-walking up a wall. According to officials, he then pushed through the fencing, went across the roof, scaled another fence, and pushed through more razor wire before fleeing the prison.

Danelo Cavalcante Past Record

In 2021, Cavalcante fatally stabbed his ex-girlfriend 38 times in front of her children. He was convicted, sentenced to life in jail, and scheduled for transfer to a state prison for serving off his sentence. In Brazil in 2017, he murdered a man for a debt the victim owed him for repairing a car. He was also wanted for that crime. He apparently entered the United States unlawfully.

Commissioners of Chester County, Josh Maxwell, Michelle Kichline, and Marian Moskowitz, released a joint statement after the arrest of the escaper, saying that rapid changes are being made to the Chester County Prison.

According to the statement, administrators at Chester County Prison instantly improved security measures inside the prison. They also solicited the help of security contractors to make long-term changes to the exercise yards. In addition, a complete evaluation of security systems and communication processes with neighboring households is underway, with improvements made as needed, according to the statement.

The commissioners also thanked the citizens, businesses, school districts, and law enforcement for their help throughout the search. 

On Sunday, police said Danelo Cavalcante’s sister, Eleni Cavalcante, was captured by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and she will be departing because of some immigration issues. They further noted that she was not helping with officials in the search.

While searching for Cavalcante, forces broadcast a message via helicopter from Danelo’s mother, Iracema Cavalcante, requesting her son surrender.

In a Tuesday interview with The New York Times from her home in rural Brazil, Iracema Cavalcante said that her son’s suffering in the Brazilian savanna’s backcountry had prepared him to survive independently. She added that he had escaped capture in wooded areas and tiny towns since his escape.

While his mother, Iracema Cavalcante, did not deny Danelo blame for killing his ex-girlfriend in Pennsylvania in 2021 or a man in Brazil in 2017, She said he could be better off dying than serving the rest of his life in prison.

She told to the newspaper if he went to a place to suffer and die in prison, it would be better to die soon. She advised her son you do not have to suffer so much to die later. 

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