DeSantis Stands by X Owner Elon Musk Following Antisemitic Post, Emphasizes Belief in America

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis supported Elon Musk on Sunday, saying that he thinks Elon Musk is a believer in the United States. DeSantis declined to denounce the X millionaire proprietor for an antisemitic tweet that caused a number of significant sponsors to withdraw from the social media network.

In an interview with State of the Union, a prominent news station, the Republican governor claimed not to have seen the particular post on the app (which was originally known as Twitter). The White House criticized the tweet on Friday as disgusting, in which Elon Musk asserted that a user of X was telling the truth when they said that Jews detested White people.

Rather than attacking Musk, DeSantis made use of the occasion to position him as an advocate for free expression. In addition, he wrote off as fringe characters those well-known right-wingers who have voiced antisemitic opinions.

DeSantis noted that since acquiring Twitter, Elon Musk has come under fire because he is steering the company in a way that many individuals who are accustomed to dominating the narrative find objectionable. DeSantis, who has been having trouble getting the Republican nominee for 2024, stated that he was in favor of Elon Musk acquiring Twitter.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis supported Elon Musk on Sunday, saying that he thinks Elon Musk is a believer in the United States
DeSantis Declined to Denounce the X Millionaire Proprietor for an Antisemitic Tweet that Caused a Number of Significant Sponsors to Withdraw from the Social Media Network

DeSantis asserted that he was not aware of the context and that he would reserve judgment until further information was obtained when State of the Union host Jake Tapper delivered Musk’s widely denounced remark. DeSantis did, however, reiterate that he is against antisemitism in general.

Further supporting Musk, Ron asserted that he knows the man personally and has never seen him exhibit any undesirable conduct. He reiterated his opinion that Elon Musk is an American who believes in America and expressed astonishment if the accusations against him were accurate.

Before, DeSantis has been under fire for allegedly taking too long to denounce neo-Nazi gatherings in his state, where some attendees waved banners that said, this is DeSantis country. DeSantis has made an effort to brush these allegations off as the product of a campaign to discredit his rivals in politics are waging. Furthermore, a disgusting tweet was sent out by a campaign assistant implying that DeSantis’s Nazi backers were actually Democratic party employees.

Senior Democrats were skeptical of DeSantis’s assertion that he had not seen Musk’s message after the news channel interview, given the message’s widespread coverage and the large corporations that withdrew their advertising—including Apple, Disney, IBM, and Warner Brothers—as a result.

DeSantis on Tapper’s Show:

Following Ron on Tapper’s show, Democratic Representative Jamie Raskin of Maryland said it was hard to think a presidential candidate had not read Musk’s message given the number of days that had elapsed since it was published. Raskin was troubled by DeSantis’s unwillingness to denounce the message even after seeing it.

Raskin underlined that people must speak out against racism, antisemitism, and other forms of intolerance that undermine liberal democracy directly and without reservation if they are sincere about doing so. Raskin demanded that racism and antisemitism be universally condemned in all of its forms.

Democratic member of the US House from Maryland Jamie Raskin said in an interview with Tapper that he could not believe a presidential candidate like Ron DeSantis had not read Elon Musk’s message even four days after it was published. After seeing the message, Raskin chastised Ron for not denouncing it. Raskin emphasized that one must openly and completely repudiate racism, antisemitism, and other types of intolerance that endanger liberal democracy if one is serious about fighting them.

DeSantis has been an outspoken ally of Israel ever since the war with Hamas started. He demanded more US backing for Israel’s military operations in Gaza against Hamas. According to Ron, Israel must triumph decisively in order to stop violent cycles in the future since Hamas threatens the existence of the only Jewish state in history. He used the example of standing up to terrorists by banning a pro-Palestinian student organization from Florida’s university campuses.

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