Paul Pelosi Speaks about Being Beaten with a Hammer at his House in San Francisco

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Paul Pelosi Speaks about Being Beaten

Paul Pelosi, the husband of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, testified on Monday in David DePape’s trial. DePape is the guy who, last year, at their San Francisco home, viciously struck Paul with a hammer.

Paul Pelosi recounted being hit in the middle of the night on October 28, 2022, during the proceedings. 

The door opened, and a huge man entered with a hammer in one hand and some ropes in the other. “Where’s Nancy?” he asked, apparently waking me up. He barges in the door while I’m sleeping, waking me up.

It was quite shocking to learn that someone had broken into the house, he added. Upon glancing at him as well as the hammer and the bindings, I realized I was seriously in danger and made an effort to maintain my composure.

The night Paul Pelosi was attacked by a man in the San Francisco house he shares with former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was described in public for the first time on Monday. Pelosi recalled how startling it was to see a man standing at his bedroom door and how the man then struck him in the head with a hammer.

Paul Pelosi, 83, sustained serious wounds to his right arm and hands, as well as a fractured cranium, after admitting to failing to turn on the alarm system before going to bed. 

Paul Pelosi Speaks about Being Beaten with a Hammer at his House in San Francisco
Paul Pelosi said, “It’s a year ago, and I’m fighting to get it out of my mental state.”

According to federal prosecutors, DePape confronted a sleeping Paul Pelosi—clad in pajamas and boxer shorts—after smashing his shoulder through a glass panel on a door at the Pelosis’ Pacific Heights estate.

Where is Nancy? Where is Nancy? According to court filings, DePape attacked Paul at two a.m. with a zip tie and a hammer. Nancy Pelosi was safeguarded in Washington by her security team, which did not include her family.

When Paul saw his assailant brandishing a hammer, “it was a terrible shock.”

Paul Pelosi Hadn’t Talked to anyone about the Attack

Paul dialed 911, and when two policemen arrived, they saw DePape hit him in the head with a hammer, rendering him unconscious, according to the authorities. Jurors watched police body camera footage of the assault from prosecutors.

Paul claimed he hadn’t talked to anyone about the attack and that he had done all in his power “to not repeat this.”

“It’s a year ago, and I’m fighting to get it out of my mental state,” he stated.

DePape, 43, has entered a not-guilty plea to charges of attempting to kidnap a federal official and assaulting a federal official’s close relative with the intention of exacting revenge on the official for carrying out their official duties.

A U.S. Capitol police officer who monitors the security cameras at the Pelosis’ home and another who has been protecting Nancy Pelosi since 2006, an FBI agent who gathered the gadgets DePape was carrying, and a Bay Area Rapid Transit police sergeant were presented by federal prosecutors.

Jodi Linker, the defense lawyer, informed the jury last week that she would not refute DePape’s allegation against Paul. Rather, she will contend that DePape acted “with every ounce of his being” to halt political corruption, the US government’s eroding of freedom, and the mistreatment of children by actors and politicians. Accordingly, she added, the government’s accusations that DePape was attempting to exact revenge or obstruct Nancy Pelosi’s official responsibilities are unfounded.

Prosecutors had earlier shown police body camera footage of Paul facedown on the ground receiving medical attention from paramedics. Before multiple first responders assist Pelosi in getting onto a stretcher chair, one places a white cloth against his head, and another places a neck and head brace on him. Pelosi had blood all over her hands and face.

Later, he had surgery to treat damage to his hands and right arm, as well as a fracture to his head.

Witnesses assisted in confirming the time stamps on video from the Paul residence’s surveillance cameras, which were set to Eastern Time, and on BART trains, which were one hour behind Pacific Time.

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