Demonstrators Demanding a Ceasefire in the Gaza War Clash with US Capitol police

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Demonstrators Demanding a Ceasefire in the Gaza

Outside the Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington, DC, protesters demanding a truce in the Israel-Gaza conflict engaged with riot police.

On Wednesday night, demonstrators gathered in front of the DNC building’s entrance close to the Capitol, several of them sporting shirts that said “Cease Fire Now.” Some of them even sang, “Which party are you on?”

To try to get the protestors out of the area, police dragged and shoved them, even pushing one of them down a stairway that led to the entrance. In addition, police fired bullets that contained chemical irritants and employed pepper spray.

People, according to demonstrator Dani Noble, arrived at the DNC to nonviolently urge Democratic Party leaders to back a ceasefire in Gaza.

Rather, Noble claimed, we encountered cops wearing riot gear dragging persons with severe illnesses or disabilities to the ground.

Pro-Palestinian protesters in the nation’s capital turned violent as they demanded an immediate cease-fire in the continuing Israel-Hamas conflict, prompting police to go to the DNC offices.

About 150 persons were “illegally and aggressively demonstrating” in the Capitol Hill district of Washington, according to the U.S. Capitol Police (USCP).

There were 300 people against the war, according to protesters who spoke with Fox News Digital. USCP stated on X, Police are making arrests.” It cautioned against going near the area.

Six officers were hurt during the altercation on Wednesday night, according to USCP, which was confirmed on X. 

According to the authorities, the officers were punched by nonviolent protestors who turned violent, received minor scratches, burns from pepper spray, and other injuries.

Demonstrators Demanding a Ceasefire in the Gaza War Clash with US Capitol police
A Pro-Palestinian demonstrator claimed that police were responding brutally while they were peacefully protesting

The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) was represented at the demonstration by about 150 officers and at least 50 police vehicles. Videos from the event showed demonstrators fighting violently with police.

Social media footage from the DNC headquarters showed demonstrators pushing police officers and attempting to seize metal barricades while the policemen forcibly removed the protestors.

The number of protestors arrested that evening was not immediately confirmed to Fox News Digital by the Metropolitan Police Department or the U.S. Capitol Police.

The mob was standing behind the officers and could be heard yelling, “Ceasefire Now!” 

Demonstrators Demanding a Ceasefire in the Gaza

Supporters of If Not Now and Jewish Voice for Peace participated in the protests; both groups have planned additional events in Washington, D.C., following Hamas’ historic attack on Israel on October 7.

A large number of the demonstrators wore black shirts with the words “Cease Fire Now.”

A pro-Palestinian demonstrator claimed in an interview with Fox News Digital that police were responding brutally while they were peacefully protesting.

Olivia claimed that when we were calmly chanting, “Ceasefire now,” the police shoved and tossed us to the ground with great force. We live in a backyard where violence is occurring on a global scale.

Refusing to divulge the demonstrators’ organizational strategy, the protester identified themselves as “aware citizens.”

Olivia stated, “We’re calling for a cease-fire right now.” There have been eleven thousand murders. Israel is the beneficiary of millions of our tax dollars as it carries out this slaughter.

The protests outside disrupted talks at the party headquarters, according to Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Calif., who told The Associated Press that at first, around 100 people, including politicians, House leaders, and Democratic candidates for the House, were there for a reception.

After gathering in the basement, about seven MPs were loaded into police SUVs and taken away. After being evacuated, Sherman resorted to social media, labeling the demonstrators as “pro-Hamas.”


was just removed from the DNC following a violent outburst by pro-terrorist, anti-Israel demonstrators who pepper-sprayed police officers and tried to storm into the building. Sherman posted on X, saying I’m grateful to the police officers who stopped them and helped me and my colleagues get out safely.

Sherman continued, It appears that these pro-Hamas protestors want Republicans to win the upcoming Congressional election.

Congressman Sean Casten of Illinois thanked the police for safely removing the members of Congress in a letter stating that he was also evacuated from the DNC headquarters.

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