Shani Louk, a 23-Year-Old Girl Who was Abducted by Hamas Fighters, Was Discovered Dead

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Shani Louk 23 Year Old Girl

On October 7, Shani Louk, a 23-year-old German-Israeli girl who was abducted from the Nova music festival by Hamas fighters, was discovered dead, according to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The ministry wrote on X, the new name of Twitter, that we are sad to share that the dead body of 23-year-old German-Israeli Shani Louk has been found and recognized.

On October 7, Shani Louk was in southern Israel enjoying a festival when Hamas crossed the border into Gaza.

According to a statement from the foreign ministry, Shani Louk was abducted during the festival and tortured and humiliated around Gaza by Hamas terrorists, adding that she “underwent unimaginable suffering.” The statement wished for a blessing in her memory.

During their October 7 attack, militants shut off the festival’s road from both the north and the south, and footage from the scene showed that they then swarmed the vast area on foot.

They then surrounded the throngs on three sides, opening fire on them and driving them from the area and across the fields to the east.

According to her mother, Shani Louk, an Israeli-German woman believed to have been abducted by Hamas militants during an Israeli music event, has passed away.

Speaking to German media, Ricarda Louk revealed that the Israeli military had informed her that Shani Louk’s DNA had been found in a sample obtained from part of a skull bone.

Shani Louk’s Family

Her remains are still missing. On social media, Shani Louk’s sister also verified the passing.

Adi Louk posted on Instagram on Monday stating that Shani had perished in the “massacre at Re’im”—a reference to the strike that Hamas carried out on October 7 in southern Israel, close to the Gaza Strip.

Shani Louk 23 Year Old Girl who Abducted by Hamas Found Dead
On October 7, Shani Louk was in Southern Israel Enjoying a Festival when Hamas Crossed the Border into Gaza

Shani Louk’s mother, Ricarda Louk, told the news channel a few weeks ago that she last called her daughter to check on her safety after hearing rockets and alarms go off in southern Israel. Shani informed her mother that there wasn’t much room for hiding while at the festival.

As she made her way to her car, military personnel were stationed nearby and firing in the air to prevent anyone from reaching or even leaving their vehicles. Ricarda told the news channel that’s when they took her, and she wanted to see her daughter again, but the circumstances seemed hopeless.

Ms. Shani Louk’s mother stated at the time that she thought her daughter was still alive, despite rumors in the media and online that she had passed away.

Shani Louk 23 Year Old Girl who Abducted by Hamas Found Dead
Ms. Shani Louk’s mother stated at the time that she thought her daughter was still alive

In an online request for information, Ricarda Louk stated, We have been sent a video in which I was able to see our daughter senseless in the car with the Palestinians and them traveling around the Gaza Strip.

According to the Israeli rescue agency Zaka, more than 260 bodies were discovered at the Nova festival site alone. However, CNN’s investigation suggests that the actual death toll may be much higher.

Following the attack on the music event, the body of Shani Louk, who is an Israeli-German citizen, was seen on camera appearing to be unconscious on the back of a Hamas truck.

You noticed in the video that it’s impossible to tell if she’s dead or alive. In the days following the rampage, Shani Louk’s mother told the news channel, It was really terrifying, and we were very frightened.

Her mother continued by saying that she had asked the German authorities for assistance in assisting in her daughter’s release. Louk expressed his disbelief, saying, I have no idea how such a terrible thing could simply occur in the midst of the day.

In addition, other hostages were returned to Gaza. According to Israeli military spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari, the number of hostages thought to be held by Hamas in the enclave is as high as 239 as of Sunday.

An American mother and her daughter, as well as an 85-year-old Israeli woman and her 79-year-old companion, were among the four hostages that were freed.

However, the families of the hostages are putting more and more pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to reach a “comprehensive deal” that would guarantee their release. Concerns about the potential effects of Israel’s growing ground operations on the safety of prisoners held in Gaza have made these calls increasingly urgent.

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