The United States Starts Strikes in Iraq and Syria as the Israel-Hamas Conflict Rages

The United States Starts Strikes in Iraq

The following is the start of the revenge for the drone strike that killed three US soldiers in Jordan last weekend: On Friday, the United States military carried out significant airstrikes against 85 targets in Syria and Iraq.

The operation, which lasted for roughly thirty minutes, was deemed successful by the White House, although little specifics regarding the damage, casualties, or fatalities on the ground were immediately known. According to a Pentagon officer, casualties were anticipated.

According to United States sources, the strikes affected three sites in Iraq and four in Syria. Security officials in the latter country reported damage in the city of Al-Qaim. The US accuses several militias supported by Iran of owning the installations, which are what led to the strike in Jordan.

Since the start of the current Israel-Hamas conflict, various Iranian proxy groups have launched more than 165 strikes on American personnel in the Middle East, among which the recent deadly drone strike in Jordan was just the most recent.

According to United States President Joe Biden, the attacks show that his administration will not stand for American harm. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin promised that our response to the attack would only begin. The United States retribution will continue at times and locations of our choice, according to both individuals.

The United States administration is trying to thread a needle in order to prevent a full-scale confrontation with Iran while averting additional attacks on its troops.

The attack in Jordan came after weeks of efforts by the United States and other regional leaders to stop a wider war in the Middle East, even as conflicts involving Tehran’s proxies, such as the Houthi rebels in Yemen and Hezbollah in Lebanon, grew more widespread.

According to a defense official who spoke with CNN, US planes that conducted the strikes included Air Force B-1 bombers. Long-range heavy bombers like the B-1 are capable of using both non-precision and precision munitions.

Lt. Gen. Douglas Sims stated that the bomber crews made a single nonstop trip from the United States to the area. Given the accuracy of the B-1 crews, the military is certain that it “hit exactly what we meant to hit,” according to Sims.

John Kirby, a spokesman for the National Security Council, claimed that before starting the strikes, the United States told the Iraqi government of its intentions. He did, however, state that since the attack on Jordan, there has been no correspondence with Iran via backchannel or otherwise.

According to a top Biden administration official, the US will exclusively target targets outside of Iran and won’t launch any strikes within the nation. Iran’s leaders have hinted that a strike would have been a significant escalation and that it is unlikely to occur.

In addition to killing civilians and military personnel, the United States strikes that hit sections of Syria late on Friday inflicted “significant damage,” according to the Syrian military.

The United States Starts Strikes in Iraq and Syria as the Israel-Hamas Conflict Rages
The attacks, according to Syria’s state-run news agency SANA, affected the nearby communities of Deir Ezzor, Al-Bukamal, and Al-Mayadeen along the Syrian-Iraqi borde

The Syrian Ministry of Defense released a statement early on Saturday claiming that “the United States launched an obvious air aggression against a variety of sites and towns in the eastern region of Syria, close to the Syrian-Iraqi border,” that ended in the martyrdom of several civilians and soldiers, the injuries of others, and the destruction of significant harm on public and private property.

Lt. Gen. Douglas Sims, the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s director of operations stated earlier on Friday that there will “likely be fatalities” from the attacks in Iraq and Syria.

The attacks, according to Syria’s state-run news agency SANA, affected the nearby communities of Deir Ezzor, Al-Bukamal, and Al-Mayadeen along the Syrian-Iraqi border.

In retaliation for a drone strike by terrorists backed by Iran on a United States military station in Jordan on Sunday that resulted in the deaths of three United States service personnel and the injuries of over forty others, the United States said it carried out significant airstrikes on 85 targets in 7 places in Iraq and Syria on Friday.

Syria Warn US

Syria has issued a warning, stating that the late-night United States raids on a number of targets in both Syria and Iraq “fuel the conflict in the Middle East in a very dangerous way.”

The Syrian foreign ministry released a statement on Saturday that stated, “[Syria] rejects this blatant United States breach [and] it vehemently rejects all the justifications and lies used by the United States government in order to justify this attack.”
In retaliation for a deadly drone assault by terrorists backed by Iran on a US military station in Jordan on Sunday, the US said it struck 85 targets spread over seven places in Iraq and Syria on Friday.

The military of Syria said that both soldiers and civilians were killed in the strikes, which also caused “significant damage”. We are unable to independently confirm the quantity or type of casualties.

United States strikes, according to Iraqi security authorities, targeted al Hashed al Shabi or Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) sites close to the border between Iraq and Syria.

Syria has warned that the strikes might destabilize the area, and Iraq’s Armed Forces spokesperson, Yahya Rasool, repeated that warning in a statement.

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